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Consider the UAV carrying out a sequence of longitudinal coordinated flight maneuvers defined by a sequence of waypoints described below. The total time of flight is
sufficiently short that the weight of the UAV can be assumed to be a constant 45 lbs and the air density during the flight can be assumed to be constant. The specified
waypoints are defined with respect to a ground-fixed frame: the x and y axes are in a horizontal plane located at an altitude of 1,000 ft with the x-axis pointing due
east and the y-axis pointing due north; the z-axis defines the altitude above this horizontal plane.

The aircraft should be in steady climbing flight between waypoints 1 and 2; it should be in steady level flight between waypoints 2 and 3, and it should be in steady
descending flight between waypoints 3 and 4.
(a) Develop a flight plan that specifies a constant airspeed and constant climb rate for each of the three steady flight segments that satisfy the waypoint
(b) For each of the steady flight segments constructed in part (a), determine the elevator deflection and the throttle setting that guarantee the desired steady flight
conditions along that flight segment. Check that all flight constraints are satisfied for all steady flight segments.
(c) On the basis of your flight plan in part (a), give plot(s) that describe the 3D path of the aircraft.

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