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1. (A) (USCS units) A blanking operation is performed on 5/64-in-thick cold-rolled steel (half hard). The part is circular with diameter = 2.25 in. Determine the appropriate punch and die sizes for this operation.
2. (A) (SI units) A bending operation is to be performed on 6.50 mm thick cold-rolled steel. The part drawing is shown in Figure P19.9. Determine the blank size required.
3. (A) (SI units) A cylindrical cup is produced in a deep drawing operation. The cup height = 80 mm, and its inside diameter = 110 mm. Sheet-metal thickness = 2.5 mm. If the blank diameter = 225 mm, determine (a) drawing ratio, (b) reduction, and (c) thickness to diameter ratio. (d) Is the operation feasible?
4. (A) (SI units) Determine the starting disk diameter required to spin the part in Figure P19.31 using a conventional spinning operation. The starting thickness = 3.0 mm.

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