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Directions: show ALL of your work. Write out your thought process and/or every step mathematically throughout each problem. Draw FBDs when appropriate.
1. A structure is fixed to a surface at point O and supports 300 and 400 N couples as shown. Determine the resultant couple moment vector, using both scalar and vector approaches (solve twice).

2. All members of the truss have the same length. Determine the force supported by members CE and DF if P = 1kN, Q = 2kN, and R = 3kN using method of joints.

3. Determine F if the moment about line AB is to be 2000 in-lb.

4. Write an expression in terms of L, F, and P for each reaction force in each scenario (a, b, c, and d). Your analysis should include a FBD of each scenario.

5. Determine the support reaction for the beam. Express your answer in terms of the parameters.

6. A 2m long concrete barrier is used to provide safety during highway construction. If h = 45cm, determine the force P that will cause motion of the barrier, and specify if the motion is due to sliding or tipping. The concrete has 0.024N/cm3 specific weight, and the interface between the barrier and pavement has static and kinetic coefficients of friction of 0.45 and 0.40, respectively.

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