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21–73. The projectile shown is subjected to torque-free motion. The transverse and axial moments of inertia are I and Iz, respectively. If u represents the angle between the precessional axis Z and the axis of symmetry z, and b is the angle between the angular velocity V and the z axis, show that b and u are related by the equation tan u = (I>Iz ) tan b.

21–71. The space capsule has a mass of 2 Mg, center of mass at G, and radii of gyration about its axis of symmetry
(z axis) and its transverse axes (x or y axis) of kz = 2.75 m x z
and kx = ky = 5.5 m, respectively. If the capsule ha# s the

angular velocity shown, determine its precession f


spin c. Indicate whether the precession is regular or retrograde.
Also, draw the space cone and body cone for the motion.

v = 150 rad/s


30° x

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