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The Superalloys
Superalloys are unique high temperature materials used in gas turbine engines, which display
excellent resistance to mechanical and chemical degradation. This book presents the
underlying metallurgical principles which have guided their development and practical aspects
of component design and fabrication from an engineering standpoint. The topics of
alloy design, process development, component engineering, lifetime estimation and materials
behaviour are described, with emphasis on critical components such as turbine blades
and discs.
The first introductory text on this class of materials, it will provide a strong grounding
for those studying physical metallurgy at the advanced level, as well as practising engineers.
Included at the end of each chapter are exercises designed to test the reader’s understanding
of the underlying principles presented. Additional resources for this title are available at
roger c. reed is Professor and Chair in Materials Science and Engineering at Imperial
College London. From 1994 to 2002, he was Assistant Director of Research in the RollsRoyce
University Technology Centre at the University of Cambridge. From 2002 to 2005, he
held a Canada Research Chair in the Department of Materials Engineering at the University
of British Columbia, Vancouver. He is widely known in the gas turbine community for his
work on the physical metallurgy

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