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Task Description
Read the case study, “Lincoln Hospital: Third-Party Intervention”Prepare your views on the following questions in light of the information presented in the case;
Purpose of the case:
An opportunity to contract to perform a diagnosis of human process issues at the interpersonal and group level in a large hospital system.
To critique the initial steps of the intervention chosen and offer different options
To assess the appropriateness of the intervention chosen and propose alternative OD interventions to address the presenting problems and the underlying issues raised in the diagnosis.
To assess the effectiveness of the intervention and propose next steps.
Part A
If you had been called by Lincoln’s president to help resolve the problems described in the case, how would you have carried out the process? What would you have done differently than the OD consultant?
Is third-party intervention an appropriate intervention in this case? Other possible OD interventions?
Note that the focus of this assessment is on a critical evaluation of the processes that were used.Part BDiscuss two lessons from the case study that you could put into practice in your own work or previous work experience. State why these lessons are important to you and outline a plan for implementing them in your future or current work situation. You do not need to identify your specific situation or details of individuals or organisation.Your discussion should include the following:• Descriptions of specific actions, interventions or approaches that would be more effective in similar situations in the future, and the improved outcomes that you would expect.• The criteria and processes that you would use to evaluate the effectiveness of these actions and interventions.• Possible obstacles to implementing your improvement plan (e.g. lack of time, insufficient resources, unsupported colleagues), and how they can be overcome.Note: In addressing this task you will need to draw on the theoretical concepts you have been studying in this subject.

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