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1. Create a set representing a real-life group of “things” and write it in roster notation. The members of the set can be groups such as tools you will use in your future profession, breeds of dogs, or your siblings or children. It is even ok to use letters, numbers, and/or symbols. The choice is yours, and humor and creativity are encouraged.
2. Use roster notation to create and write two proper subsets of your original set.
3. Do the following and write your answers in roster notation.
Find the union of the sets.
Find the intersection of the sets.
Find the complement of each of the sets.
Note: All sets should be written in roster notation. See Section 2.1 page 43 for an explanation and examples of roster notation.
Original Set
S = {Art History, Calculus, European History, Physics, Biology, Computer Science, Spanish, German, Language Arts, Composition}
Two Proper Subsets
A = {Art History, European History, Physics, Computer Science, German, Composition}
B = {European History, Physics, Spanish, German, Language Arts, Composition}
A No image B = {Art History, European History, Physics, Computer Science, Spanish, German, Language Arts, Composition}
A No image B = {European History, Physics, German, Composition}
A’ = {Calculus, Biology, Spanish, Language Arts}
B’ = {Art History, Calculus, Biology, Computer Science}
Responses to Classmates
4. Comment on at least two classmate’s posts. Make sure your comments are substantive and advance the Discussion. You can look for opportunities to help another student, identify, and tactfully point out an error that a student made, or offer any other substantive comment that advances the Discussion.

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