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The topic of this week’s project is related to next week’s topic. Read the article ‘Personal Firewalls’ at Choose one of the firewalls discussed in the article or some other firewalls that you know already or Microsoft XP Service Package 2 if you use Windows XP, and install it on your computer. This project should be finished in this week. After you install the personal firewall we can test it using an invited attack by linking to the following site: Briefly report what you have done and what are your findings? Also briefly report what personal firewalls can do and what they cannot do to protect your personal computers. Present one potential benefit that you get from installing a personal firewall (in particular, something that you cannot do without it). In your report, you may also briefly discuss antivirus software, anti-spyware software and their relationship to personal firewalls. This week’s project is mostly finished by each student separately. But if you meet some problems or if you have some ideas, feel free to discuss with you colleagues in your project folder.

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