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Kathy Roniger, campus dietitian for a small Idaho college, is responsible for formulating a nutritious meal plan for students.
For an evening meal, she feels that the following five meal-content requirements should be met:
(1) Between 900 and 1,500 calories;
(2) At least 4 milligrams of iron;
(3) No more than 50 grams of fat;
(4) At least 26 grams of protein;
(5) No more than 50 grams of carbohydrates. On a particular day, Roniger’s food stock includes seven items that can be prepared and served for supper to meet these requirements.
The cost per pound for each food item and the contribution to each of the five nutritional requirements are given in the table below.
What combination and amounts of food items will provide the nutrition Roniger requires at the least total food cost?
(a) Formulate as an LP problem.
(b) What is the cost per meal?
(c) Is this a well-balanced diet?


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