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Learning Team Work Perspectives Paper

Read the following Exhibits from Justice

Ch. 2 Exhibit 2.1 Leadership’s Bond of
Ch.3 Exhibit 3.1 A Winning Example of S.A.R.A.:
The Oakland
Airport Model
Ch.4 Exhibit 4.1 Good, Better, Best:
What Makes Some Sergeants a Cut above the Rest?
Ch. 5 Exhibit 5.1 The Issue that Will
not Go Away: Biased Policing Still Rankles
Ch.13 Exhibit 13.1 Who Polices the
Police? Overcoming the “Rat” Stigma in Internal Affairs
Ch.17 Exhibit 17.2 Cops Get an Extra
Set of Eyes

Write a 1,400- to 2,100-word paper in which
you identify and outline how each exhibit illustrates the following concepts:

Ethical concerns or
Shared visions of the
Effective communication

Provide an explanation and rationale of your
selections. The resulting paper and outline must contain 12 examples, three for
each of the four concepts listed above. Most teams have members
take one of the concepts and then find three examples of that concept in the
exhibits and write on them.

Format your paper consistent with APA

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