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Paper and PresentationCJA303
Learning Team Assignment: Research Paper and Presentation

Write a 1,750- to 2,450-word paper, addressing one of the following topics:

Crime statistics: What do crime statistics tell us about crime inAmerica?

Causes of crime: What may studying causes of crime contribute to reducing crime inAmerica?
Criminal law: How are social values and power arrangements in society represented in today’s laws?

Media portrayals: How is the criminal justice system portrayed in the media? Is the portrayal justified, fair, and accurate?

Policing and police issues: Why are police willing to tolerate corrupt behavior instead of report it? What may be done to reduce or eliminate corruption among law enforcement officers? Do the goals of law enforcement officers necessarily conflict with principles of due process? Explain

Courts, criminal trials, and sentencing: Discuss advantages and disadvantages of the plea-bargaining process. Propose recommendations to remedy disadvantages. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the present jury system. Propose recommendations to remedy disadvantages. Do you support or oppose capital punishment? Explain your position.

Probation, parole, and community corrections: Explain the conflict inherent in a parole officer’s duties, between focusing on the offender’s needs versus the state’s needs. Propose recommendations to remedy this conflict.

Prisons and jails: Discuss advantages and disadvantages of private prisons. Propose recommendations to remedy disadvantages. Explain the conflict between safeguarding a prisoner’s constitutionally protected rights and the state’s authority to abridge those rights to protect its own interests and citizens’ interests. Propose recommendations to remedy this conflict.

Multinational criminal justice: What effect does multiculturalism and diversity have on criminal justice in contemporary American society?

The future of criminal justice: Why is terrorism a law enforcement concern? How is terrorism a crime? What may the American criminal justice system do to better prepare for future crimes?

Create a 10- to 15-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation to accompany your paper.

Format your paper and presentation with APA guidelines.

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