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Assessment details and criteria
Assignment 1 – individual
Value: 25% of your final mark
Style: Business report
Length: 2,500 words (maximum)
DueDate:Wk.5 –
Marking criteria: See end of this CD
Detail: Full details are on BUMKT5901
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This assignment focuses on how a product or service (which you can choose) can deliver ‘value’ to
customers through the 4Ps of marketing (product, place, price and promotion). This is an
introductory assignment. We do not expect youto know the intricate details of each of the 4Ps
yet as these are considered later in the course.
This assignment can make use of a product or service from Australia or from another country-
however; you are much more likely to have greater access to information if you choose a company
that operates in your city/country That is, if you are studying in Sydney chose a company that
operates in Sydney, or if you are studying in Hong Kong, chose a Hong Kong company.
What we wish you to do is to discuss how it, the product or service, can ‘deliver value’ to
This assignment gives you the chance to use your own views and opinions. Use sentences such as
(in regards to, for example, promotion)’this product (say a Toyota car) delivers value to customers
in a number of ways…first of all, as in the attached advertisement.’Then describe the
advertisement and how the advertisement helps to promote Toyota, it could be in regard to the
wording, colours, design and so on. The second promotional aspect might be perhaps a radio
advertisement…so be quite specific. Try to discuss how each aspect of the product or service
‘delivers value’, that is, helps to market the product or service.
– Define and explain the concept of value and value proposition as they relate to
marketing’ For this section you will need to source your information from marketing
textbooks, marketing industry related newspapers/magazines, and marketing journals. You
will need to use a minimum of three references.
– Pick any product-a brand or car etc but be specific, don’t just select ‘Toyota, but pick a
particular product. The product can be from Hong Kong oi abroad. you could pick a
service, but again be specific, (ie perhaps star Ferry in Hong Kong).
– Describe the product or service in two paragraphs or so. This is just a basic introduction.
– Describe, in your own words (ie, do not just use information off a website etc), how you feel
the product or service might deliver value to customers as follows:
The product or service-how does it deliver value to customers as the customer perceives?
Aspects could be design, features, range of features of a product or service, brand, image
reputation, etc. lt is expected in this section that you provide at least four areas where value-is
The price of the product or service-how does this deliver value to customers (perhaps it is
cheap, or even expensive which can give customers a sense that the product or service is high
quality, has status and so on).
The place of the product or service (the location in which customers can access the product or
service)’ Perhaps the service is located in a particular place which can help its image and status
ie-a Kmart store in Australia located in a very good shopping centre; or Watsons i-n Hong Kong
located in the busiest part of Hong Kong, such as Mongkok. But place can be very specific, too,
perhaps a book-perhaps a popular novel, is located in a very smart bookshop (ie Pageone Hong
Kong, or a speciality bookshop in Australia)which can improve its status, and brand image);
The promotion of the product or service- the way in which the product or service is promoted).
Perhaps the product or service benefits from some very smart advertising or prornotion. perhaps
give us an example of an advertisement.
Assessment of overall value delivered.
Provide an analysis as to how all the component mix together to deliver value to the consumer.
That is, does the product component hold more importance (features, design, brand)with these
reinforced through the marketing communication (creative and message), price (premium relative
to competitors) and place (high quality retail locations)
Note: 60% of the mark for the entire assignment is
weighted to this section. The focus of the discussion is
on how and why value is delivered. Do not waste your
time simply telling the reader what the company does
4.4.1 lndividual Assignment-Assessment Criteria
This assignment is an introductory one and it is designed to cover some of the key aspects of
marketing as contained in the first few chapters of the textbook. lt is an assignment that
understands that many of you may not have come from a marketing background. lnde6d, for many
of you, this may be your very first course in the MBA so this is an-assignment which heips you to
understand some of the basic aspects of marketing and, indeed, of assignment preparation in a
western MBA environment. Follow the format given above. Use short, sharp, sentences, as one
might use in a business report. Make sure you define terms but use your own words, not those
taken directly from the textbook. lf there is a particular line or two you wish to quote from the
textbook (which is fine, but do not use this approach too much), make sure you provide a reference
for the quote. Make your paragraphs about five lines or so-that is: do not make them too long.
Above all, make sure you address the specific requirements as we want you to show that you
understand each of the core concepts we have asked you about.
At the back of this document is an Assessment Criteria Sheet (ACS) for the individual
assignment-please note that the focus of the assignment HOW VALUE IS DELIVERED by the
product (or service) you select via the 4Ps. Hence, it is pertinent that you write something like’the
product provides value because it is the most economical on the market’ ot ‘value is provided
because the product is distributed through all major supermarket chains and online’. To help you
understand how firms can provide value your lecturer will allocate time in the first or second lecture
to the Office Depot case. You will form groups and answer specific questions and present to the
NOTE: A detailed description of the assignment
requirements and marking criteria is available on

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