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Cost Controls and Resource Management Systems Flowcharts

Develop two separate flowcharts with summaries on cost controls and resource management systems. Then, write a summary explaining accounting control strategies in terms of hospitality technology investment. Use either Microsoft® Word®, PowerPoint®, or Visio® to build flowcharts. See Figures 9.1, 9.2, 9.3, and 9.4 in Hospitality Information Systems and E-Commerce for flowchart examples.

Point-of-Sale and Inventory Tracking Flowchart

Develop a flowchart to illustrate how an IT system records customer transactions into accounting processes and reports.

In 350 words, explain how the POS system and inventory tracking system integrate the operations and accounting systems

Production Systems and Management Controls Flowchart

Demonstrate with a flowchart how a customer transaction works from the front end to the back end.
In 350 words, explain how production systems and management controls work together to increase efficiency.

Write a 700-word summary that explains accounting control strategies in terms of hospitality investment in technology.
Classify the different tracking systems according to function and purpose.
Generally, how do accounting strategies relate to investment in the business of hospitality?
Briefly, how do accounting control strategies affect the productivity of point-of-sale, inventory tracking, production systems, and management controls?

Note. Instructions for building the Microsoft® Word® and PowerPoint® flowcharts are located in Week Three on the student Web site.

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