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34. Revocation of acceptance by the buyer:
A) Can occur at any time.
B) Can occur without notification of the seller.
C) Requires a substantial nonconformity in the goods.
D) Is forbidden by Article 2.

35. Which of the following will not impose liability on a professional to his client for breach of contract?
A) Failing to maintain the secrecy of a client’s trade secret.
B) Failing to complete an audit on time.
C) Failing to take all the tax deductions to which a client is entitled.
D) Failing to act as an ordinarily prudent professional would act.

36. Bob DeSlob is CEO of Westlake Inc. that manufactures and sells widgets. Bob has decided that a safety feature recommended by the widget designers is too expensive and so will not be used in manufacturing Westlake widgets. The expense would cause the price of the widgets to rise far above Westlake’s competitors’ prices. This justification illustrates:
A) Stakeholder theory.
B) Profit maximization.
C) Rule utlitiarianism.
D) Kant’s categorical imperative.

37. Pete contracts to sell Jill 100 widgets. The 100 widgets are located at Pete’s business. The contract does not state a place of delivery. The place of delivery is:
A) Jill’s place of business.
B) Jill’s home.
C) Pete’s place of business.
D) Pete’s home, if this is different from his place of business.

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