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ADMG 372 – Professional Development Plan (20 pts.)
Due 12/1

Both sections below should be in one document. You do not have to use any particular report style for this paper. Be sure to proofread and spell-check your document.

Before beginning (or during) your writing, look back through your self-assessment assignments.

Section One: Self-Evaluation (two pages minimum; 12-pt. font, 1” margins, double-spaced – 12 points)

Please address these five areas. Please use section headers for this part, so it is easier for the reader to follow.

What profession interests you the most? What are your current skills and strengths for pursuing that profession? Think MBTI and Dependable Strengths.

2. What are your external limiting factors? These are things that put limits on the type of job you can take. Examples could be health concerns, geography, not willing to move, must not involve extensive travel, must stay in place because of a relationship, etc.

3. What are your internal limiting factors? Consider your personality type (from the MBTI), discomfort with teams, discomfort working alone, procrastination, communication skills, persuasion skills, listening skills, conflict resolution skills, writing skills, etc.

4. What is/will be most important to you in your work? (What values guide you?) Examples of guiding principles include things such as the following: must agree with the organization’s mission, must be allowed innovation and risk taking, need to be part of a team, must honor family values for a balanced professional life, etc.

5. What things are “must haves” for you in a job? Examples might be a certain level of pay, flex time, on-site daycare, health insurance, chance for promotion, etc.

Section Two: Your Goals and Plans– 8 pts.
Short-term (through graduation) and Long-term (2-3 years post-graduation)

Your plan should include realistic, specific, measurable goals; plans for achieving those goals; and approximate dates for each plan. Use a table for this section. Your plans and dates should match your goals. Here is a short example for you to follow. Of course, yours will be different and maybe longer.
Date to be Achieved
Short Term:
1. Secure Internship

2. Graduate with a 3.5 GPA

3. Begin exploring careers

1. Apply for two internships

2. Meet with instructors at least two times each quarter; do all homework by deadlines; . . .
3. Attend two job fairs

1. May 2011

2. Ongoing

3. May 2011
1. Take the GRE and earn at least the following scores:
Verbal Reasoning: 600 (out of 800)
Quantitative Reasoning: 600 (out of 800)
Analytical Writing: 5 (out of 6)

2. Apply to three graduate schools

1a. Register for GRE
1b. Purchase study guide
1c. Research test-taking tips
1d. Study the study guide

2a. You get the idea . . .

1a. May 2012
1b. May 2012
1c. May 2012
1d. July 2012

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