4th and 5th Amendment

4th and 5th Amendment

Class Assignment SLO 7

I have always been a bit curious as to why people will allow the government/police erode our freedoms in the name of “War on Terrorism” or “War on Drugs” whatever reason government officials make to justify a greater level of intrusion into personal liberty. During the years right after the Patriot Act I would always hear students say something like the following, “Well if you aren’t doing anything illegal then what does it matter if the government wants to listen to your phone conversation without a judicial warrant or do a search of your house (sneak and peek) without informing you that they are doing so?” I am always taken aback. At a basic level I think that many Americans just don’t understand that a constitutional right exists in order to protect the people from the abuses of governmental officials. We must remember that the Framers and their contemporariesexperienced official abuses as colonist under the British Empire. Additionally, American history is littered with examples of official abuses of power and such abuses continue today.

For this assignment I want you to watch three Youtube videos below and write a reflection paper on your impression of the advice the law professor and police officer make regarding the right to “remain silent.” This right was “discovered” by the US Supreme Court and articulated in the case of Miranda vs. Arizona, 1966 stemming from the Fifth Amendment right that no person “shall be compelled in any criminal case to be a witness against himself.”

1. What is your general impression about these videos? I need to see specific references to each of the three videos.



4th and 5th Amendment

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